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By DoM-Buell (5 McR Points) on Mar 05, 2015

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Written Directions

From Grand-Mere to Shawinigan, Province of Quebec, through the park (long way around), park is north-west of Grand-Mere and Shawinigan. Look for PARC DE LA MAURICIE (www.Sepaq.qc.ca) From Grand-Mere, take Chemin du Parc National west/northwest. The road will change names to Rue Principale and follow north along the Riviere St-Maurice, and then take you into the park. The road changes names to 1e Rang and then to Parc National de la Mauricie and continues to zig-zag through the park. The road eventually turns south/southeast and changes names to Chemin St. Francois and this suggested route ends when it runs into route 351.


Nice mountain (small-medium) view, the roads travel through thick forests and along countless bodies of water ... many different rivers & lakes!

Drive Enjoyment

This is overall just an awesome twisty road! Considering Quebec's average, it's some of the best road condition. Beware of cyclists and campers!!!

Tourism Opportunities

You'll be traveling almost the entire time through Parc national de la Mauricie where hikes and stops by the lakes are a must! For food, I suggest you drive down to Trois-Rivieres about half hour south.

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