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By Jeremiah16.19 (135 McR Points) on Dec 14, 2020

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This is one of the best roads in Canada. It's quiet and great for both cruiser/tourers and more sporty bikes. It is a great way to get from the Okanagan to the great riding of the Kootenays. From Hwy 97, which is the main north-south Highway through the Okanagan, take Hwy 6 eastward in the center of the city of Vernon. The road begins benignly enough, but only until the village of Lumby where the ride truly begins. Much of the curvy road skirts fields and farmland, occasionally climbing over low hills and even slipping through the narrowest holeshot of gaps between a couple of hills. Hwy 6 gradually climbs into the sub-alpine and the 3700ft Monashee Pass, before descending more gently to a ferry crossing. There is one last awesome blast of curves before meeting the Fauquier ferry on the Lower Arrow Lake (free, 5-minute crossing). Highly recommended.


This 130km (80mile) varied country ride is what riding in the Okanagan and Kootenays of British Columbia is all about. Much of the ride winds along the edge of meadowed valleys and farmland linked by narrow canyons and shady forests. There are views of the Monashee Mountains along the way. The road twists and climbs to Monashee pass (3700ft), and then winds and twists down the eastern side. The route ends, after a lengthy descent, at a long and gorgeous lake which you can enjoy as you wait for the short ferry ride.

Drive Enjoyment

There are tight twisties, sweeping curves, and even a few straightaways throughout this 130km (80-mile) route. The road continues to entertain throughout its length. The pavement is generally good to excellent. Deer are known to wander occasionally, thinking the road is theirs. Gravel is not generally a problem, but stay vigilant as reports on this differ. The pavement in the subalpine is of a different grade ??? not potholed or frost-heaved, but more pebbly and rougher ??? possibly to combat the effects of snow removal early in the season. The final descent to the ferry involves about 20km of long, breezy, and fast straightaways.

Tourism Opportunities

Just into the ride, the town of Lumby has a couple of gas stations and several eating establishments. Jitter Beans and Coffee is a nice place for a late breakfast. Between Lumby and the Fauquier ferry, there is one gas station and a grocery store, located in Cherryville, about one-third of the way along the route from Vernon. Three or four campsites are spread throughout the ride as well. Make note of the fact that from the other side of Lower Arrow Lake it is still 60km (37 miles) to the next gas station in Nakusp.

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