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By PaulC (812 McR Points) on Feb 06, 2021

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Written Directions

Hwy 141 travels east/west between Huntsville in the east and Hwy 400 (Parry Sound) in the west. The exact western point is 15 kms north of MacTier, or 26 kms south of Parry Sound.


Winding around Lake Rosseau, this road is in a dead heat with Highway 129, and County Road 12 for pure scenic wonder. A cliff on one side, and a lake on the other, and no straight lines.

Drive Enjoyment

A connector between Hwy 11 and Hwy 400, this route features fresher pavement, long sweepers, descending radius corners, and probably the most iconic turn in the region – maybe in all of Ontario (at Bent River). Make sure you give yourself the time to enjoy this road, and have your camera ready.

Tourism Opportunities

Deep in cottage country, there are numerous stops for food. This road was meant for a fall cruise. Picturesque colours and views surround, as you wind along the edges of stunning Lake Rosseau and beautiful Skeleton Lake.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review