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By On Trip (5 McR Points) on Jun 15, 2015

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Elephant Lake Rd. twists itself around Baptiste Lake in the Haliburton Highlands. This 34 km stretch of road starts just East of Hardcourt on 648 (Loop Rd) and reaches the southern most tip of Algonquin Park and ends in the little town of Maynooth at Hwy 62. Great sweepers, hills and some more technical turns but the road has great flow. Enjoy lunch in Maynooth and then head north on 127 to the East Entrance of the park or to Barrys Bay for some more great roads.


Enjoy this road in the spring, summer or fall but the hills afford some lake views.Spectacular fall colors.

Drive Enjoyment

Road is chip n'seal but is decent and is usually clear of gravel by mid-may.

Tourism Opportunities

There are no Amenities along the route but and a restaurant can be found in Maynooth.

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