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By jinoo (5 McR Points) on Jan 13, 2018

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Written Directions

The route starts at the intersection of Sierra Rd. and Piedmont Rd. in San Jose (good place to fill up gas). The route begins by climbing west uphill on Sierra Rd and after 5 miles or so you will see a Vista Point parking lot on your right. Shortly after that you will keep left and Sierra will turn into Felter Rd and then later Calaveras Rd as you begin your descent back down the foothills.


The ride includes beautiful, sweeping views of the South Bay and the Santa Cruz mountains, and also of the Calaveras Reservoir on the other side.

Drive Enjoyment

This road includes many fun twisties and a couple sweeping turns as well. Apart from the short initial straightaway climb up Sierra Rd with a good number of potholes, the road quality is fairly good. You may find some dirt and other debris on the road. There is a section of the road less than a mile in length that is a single lane road, but using caution and slower speed make it easy to traverse.

Tourism Opportunities

There is an incredible vista point along the ride with a parking lot and access to some hiking trails along the road. Apart from that, there are no real amenities along this ride.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Great for a short day ride to take in some great views of the Bay Area. You can also reverse this route and begin by climbing up Calaveras Rd in Milpitas and ending by going down Sierra Rd in San Jose. There is an option to go North on Calaveras Rd where it meets Felter Rd for a longer, scenic route along the Calaveras Reservoir - definitely worth checking out!

No reviews added for this route. Write a review