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By richbrown (85 McR Points) on Mar 22, 2023

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Written Directions

This was a rest day for me on my Trip around the edge of Colorado. With a medium-sized mountain range just east of Laramie, there was no way I could pass up riding some of it. From Laramie, head west on Snowy MNountain Rd until you reach Cenntenial. That's where the flat/straight portion of the loop stops. Head north on WY-130 to WY-101 and you have a smooth 2 lane up and through the Medicine Bow Range. There are wide shoulders along almost all of this section, so finding turnouts to rest/relax/breathe clean mountain air are available. Also, campgrounds and picniic areas are nice places to stop. About halfway through the mountain range, you can find junctions for WY-113 or WY-111. Either of these will take you out of the mountains and back to I-80. If you want to end the loop early, this is a good route to get off the technical portion of the trip. Staying on WY-101 will give tou another dozen miles of curves and hills. From there it flattens out and leads you to Elk Mountain. Grab a bite to eat there. AT Elk Mountain, it's ashort ride to I-80 which will take you back to Laramie.


The road WY-101 is the highlight of this loop. Well maintained pavement, generous shoulders and pine forests surround this road without clogging it with advertisements and businesses.

Drive Enjoyment

The speed limits on this route (with the exception of I-80 are meant for tourists and sight-seers. Slow down and enjoy your surroundings.

Tourism Opportunities

Definitely an area for the outdoorsman: camping, hiking trailheads and fishing spots are closeby this road. Get some locacl advice if you want to get off your bike and enjoy those hobbies.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is day 5 of the 8 day Ride arount the edge of Colorado.

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