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By Moran (17 McR Points) on Aug 08, 2013

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January 23, 2020
Normal country roads from Waunakee north. Once…

Written Directions

You head out of Waunakee north on hwy 113. You will just follow 113 through Dane and then through Lodi. Just about 5 miles out of Lodi you will take the Merrimack Ferry (it is free) across Lake Wisconsin. You will then take a left just after the ferry (continue on 113) after a short distance of maybe a mile or two 133 turns off to the right at a gas station and continue on 133 north. you will then get to DL and you will turn left onto DL. At the next 4 way Devils Lake will be to the right.


You start out heading through typical hilly Wisconsin farmland as you proceed through both small towns of Dane and Lodi. Once out of lodi the hills and turn become more "fun" and you start seeing forests on both sides. Out of nowhere Lake Wisconsin appears to your left and you follow its natural curves. to the right hilly forest and to the left you overlook a railroad and the beautiful lake. the short ride on the ferry provides rest and a chance to just focus on the beauty of the lake. once across the ferry you will see pristine rocky hills to your left and forest in all directions.

Drive Enjoyment

This road starts out fairly strait with a few hills but once through Lodi you experience sharp corners and fun hills. It then straitens out but just before Devils Lake the fun sweeping corners return to finish off the ride with some excitement. The pavement is all clean and smooth. I give no complaints!!

Tourism Opportunities

While going through Dane and Lodi there are many places to stop and gas up or get food. As well as the nice break while on the ferry and while going through Merrimack.

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January 23, 2020
20 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
Normal country roads from Waunakee north. Once in the Baraboo and Devil's Lake area it is very scenic and enjoyable. Tends to get quite busy at Devil's Lake on weekends in the Summer. Taking the ferry across the WI River is always fun and you can get ice cream while you wait to board the ferry.
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