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By DUUC (7 McR Points) on Jun 29, 2014

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September 6, 2015
Nice route! Such beautiful country. The 11 mile…

Written Directions

This route takes you from New Glarus to Mt. Horeb, then adds an 11 mile loop out of Mt. Horeb and back into town again. Starting in New Glarus, head north on Hwy 69 for approx. 4.3 miles Turn left on Hwy 92 towards Mt. Horeb...go approx. 13.4 miles As you come through town, you will approach a roundabout...Kwik Trip gas station will be on your left. Take the 3rd traffic circle exit and follow Hwy 78 West (also called Springdale St) You will follow Hwy 78 through downtown Mt. Horeb on Main St. for approx. almost 0.5 miles THE 11 MILE LOOP Turn right onto Cty Hwy JG. While in town, JG will follow these streets: N Washington (0.2 miles), left on Wilson St for 1/2 block, and right on Lake St (0.7 miles) When you turn onto Lake St, you will make some hairpin turns down to Stewart Lake. Once you pass Stewart Lake, follow JG for another 6.1 miles Turn left onto Cty Hwy ID...go approx. 2.4 miles back into the town of Mt. Horeb


From the intersection of Hwy 69 and Hwy 92 at the beginning of the trip, you will pass through scenic farmland, small hills, and the small tree-lined areas of Mt. Vernon Mt. Horeb has a very cute downtown area. Cty Hwy JG takes you past Stewart Lake and then opens up through a large scenic river valley with hills on each side and past the Tyrol Basin Ski Area. As you past Tyrol Basin, the road increases in grade through the woods...possibility of seeing wildlife.

Drive Enjoyment

Hwy 92 is a very well maintained state highway with wide lanes and shoulders. Hwy 92 has many high-speed sweepers with virtually no gravel in the curves. Cty Hwy JG is in very good condition with nice curves through the valley and back up the hill. You will want to make a couple of passes on this road in both directions. There are only 2-3 curves on this 6-7 mile stretch with very little gravel.

Tourism Opportunities

New Glarus has many sightseeing opportunities, including the New Glarus Brewery. There are gas and food/beverage opportunities in town. Mt. Horeb is a small town with options for gas, food, drinks, etc. Stewart Lake is a small lake with parking, restroom, and trails should you choose to stretch your legs

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This route is a great add-on to Chicago Craig's route he has listed that takes you from Mt. Horeb to New Glarus "the long way"... his is a great trip, and the one listed here is good to get back to Mt. Horeb. There is a park and ride lot at Hwy 78 and freeway 18/151 for those who prefer to trailer their bikes if coming from a longer distance away.

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3 BMWs
September 6, 2015
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
Nice route! Such beautiful country. The 11 mile loop was awesome. Build up a sweat getting to Mt.Horeb and then take a dip in the lake at the county park on HWY JG twisties just before you do the loop!
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