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By Akumu (3717 McR Points) on Nov 24, 2019

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July 12, 2020
Five freakin' stars. People come from miles…

Written Directions

I hoped not to write the, literally, 6 different way to get here, but here goes... WV 48 East - 48 doesn't have exit numbers, so it's WV 93 Exit with a Liberty gas station. 4.1 miles out of Davis, WV. Make the left onto 93, then a right onto 93 East/42 South. WV 48 West - 48 doesn't have exit numbers, so it's WV 93 Exit with a Liberty gas station. 26.7 miles out of Moorefield, WV. Make the right onto 93, then another right onto 93 East/41 South. WV 93 East - 93 is a dead end road into 48. Use 48 East's directions. I can't imagine why you would be on 93, unless you were looking at the power station. WV 93 West - Head southwest out of Laurel Dale, WV on WV-93 West toward Burgess Hollow Rd 9.2 mi, Turn right onto WV-42 N/WV-93 W 4.1 mi WV 42 North - (Coming from Maysville, WV) Head northwest on WV-42 N toward Knobley Rd 11.4 mi, Stay on 42 N as it merges with 93 W. WV 42 South - Assuming you got off of WV 50 and are now on WV 42, stay on 42 passed the Liberty gas station and enjoy.


The scenery is good and all, there's just no time to enjoy it. The road is too demanding, and if you look up you won't be looking up for long. If you take it at a nice slow cruise, I suppose you can get some looks in. For you it would be better to go down the mountain.

Drive Enjoyment

One of my favorites. I can only imagine the locals don't want me to put this up, because it not being on this site is quite a surprise. The road being only 4 miles means it's a down and up for sure, if you want a real good time. Hell, I've gone down and up it 3 times, then stopped for gas/food at the top of the mountain, then gone back up and down it 3 more times. It's quick and fun.

Tourism Opportunities

No tourism here, as with 95% of the routes I submit. Not unless you consider a gas station 'tourism.' It's all about the twisties.

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July 12, 2020
3717 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Other
Five freakin' stars. People come from miles around just to go up and down this road 3, 5, 8, 10 times over. I've seen sports cars, hot hatches, enduros, race replicas, cruisers, sport tourers, ADV bike, motards and more. They do X amount of runs, then go up to the gas station, chill out, then do it some more. It's charm is in it's length. (That's what she said. Giggity.) It has sweepers, 2 straights, one of them a legal passing lane straight, twisties, hairpins and 'wiggles.' The only thing not to like is some ripples in the road here and there. No gravel that I've ever seen. This is why even as a road ranger I don't have any pics of me on this site. I don't want anyone to know I spilled the beans on this gem. That said, there is very little traffic here, and it's easy and safe to pass slow people, due to WV's passing lanes. Also, mind the deer at dawn and dusk.
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