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By rowdy4466 (5 McR Points) on Dec 30, 2012

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January 29, 2020
Rode this one last summer and, even though we go…

Written Directions

Start in Huntington, WV (just off or I-64) and head south east on Route 10 all the way down to Princeton, WV. This is a long route but wide open for any length or ride.


Some nice roads with great scenery. You'll see old mining towns, to new little towns with updated amenities. The natural scenery includes rivers and mountians a-plenty.

Drive Enjoyment

Route 10 is a good route for any type of rider from sport bikes or straight liner harleys. There are lots of sweeping corners and straight aways in-between. I recommend you get gas at least every 50 to 60 miles because you don't know when your next stop for gas will come up. The pavement overall is pretty good and there is not a lot of gravel. Outside of the towns the surface is smooth and ready. There are a couple of sections that are up and down a mountain with constant switchbacks from start to end of the up and down. In fact, it made myself sick from all the back and forth & from top to bottom. Overall, this route will not disappoint you if you have a whole day to ride!

Tourism Opportunities

There are not a lot of things like parks and what not, but definately lots of things to look at on the side of the road. The Hatfield and Mcoys trails all along this route and several ideas for your off-road riding in the future.

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January 29, 2020
20 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Rode this one last summer and, even though we go lost at one point, it was still Amazing. There is no where I'd rather be lost on a motorcycle than West Virginia. I only rode as far as Pineville where we turned off onto SR 16, but that's another review.
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