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By BobN54 (9 McR Points) on Aug 08, 2016

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Written Directions

Starts in Ripley, WV on Main St., Route 33. Follow Rt. 33 west across I-77, where the road name changes to RT 62, Ripley Rd. Continue to the intersection with Rt 2. Turn left, and follow Rt. 2 through Exxon, where RT 2 becomes Rt 2/Rt 62. In Point Pleasant, Turn left on 3rd St, then left on Viand St. and cross the Kanawha river bridge. Take the ramp to the right and merge onto Rt. 35 and proceed across the Ohio River. Once you cross the bridge, you can take Route 7 into Gallipolis, OH. If however, you want to continue, cruise Rt. 35 to Rio Grande, OH, and turn left onto RT. 325. Follow it to the junction with Rt. 141 where the ride ends. From here, you can join the next segment on Rt. 141 through the state forest to Ironton, OH.


This route covers a variety of scenery from rural farmland and small towns on the upper part to two spectacular river crossings over high bridges in Point Pleasant and Henderson. Then it's an easy straight road cruise up RT. 35 to join RT. 325 heading south to connect with RT.141. That route bypasses the boring upper part of RT. 141 coming out of Gallipolis where the speed limit is 45 MPH and the scenery is not so great. If you're not doing the next segment on Rt.141 to Ironton, OH, I recommend ending the ride in Gallipolis.

Drive Enjoyment

From Ripley to Gallipolis The route has lots of sweeping curves, and is relatively flat compared to the mountain routes to the east. In Point Pleasant the character of the ride changes to city streets, and then open highway. Take care with the high bridges where there is steel mesh pavement; not a problem, Just ride through it with an easy grip on the bars and accept some wiggle. Take extreme care if it's wet. With the exception of Rt. 35, OH roads are not as good as the WV roads. Expect some broken pavement and random gravel.

Tourism Opportunities

Ripley has everything, but after leaving there the upper part is rural, and the places to stop are typical of small villages and crossroads. Once you get to Point Pleasant, there's once again everything one might need.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

We came up with this route on our tour to connect the RT 119 WV ride to the RT 141 OH ride. We enjoyed it so much, it became one of the highlights of our trip. It's a great variety of road types and scenery. There's not much traffic to worry with, which was an added bonus.

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