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By StreetGlide12 (28 McR Points) on Jul 06, 2021

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Written Directions

From US 50 take SR16 south at Ellenboro to SR47 East (left) to SR74 No. (left) at Coxs Mills take SR74 to town of Pullman. At Pullman, SR74 goes right at the stop - go left (Pullman Rd.). Pullman Rd takes you back to SR16 at Harrisville. Go right (North) back to Ellenboro.


There are some great views and it's pretty country - you are in the middle of nowhere when on 74 and Pullman Road. The scenery is dependent upon how hard you want to ride this route -- you can only take quick glances if you like taking curves aggressively and throttling in between.

Drive Enjoyment

74 can be very challenging if you choose to ride it aggressively - road quality is great on this route. Rte 16 is challenging and the road is better than in the past, but you still have to watch for a few rough spots. Pullman Rd is narrow but road condition is perfect and you can make it pleasurable or intense - your choice

Tourism Opportunities

nothing on this route - make sure you have gas

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