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By llibrm (10 McR Points) on Apr 10, 2019

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June 3, 2020
Love this little route. Have ridden it a few…

Written Directions

This short trip (15 mi. round trip) is located as a turn off from US Route 50 just west of Capon Bridge, WV. It has no outlets so you'll have to do it as a round trip from start to finish.


Follows the general wood line along Dillon's Creek. This is farmland and rural countryside. But, you will be busy watching the road so you can pick the right entry/exit paths for the curves and trying to see as far ahead as possible to guard against oncoming vehicles.

Drive Enjoyment

On the map, this looks like a pretty straight shot. But in reality, this is a dream to ride. Lots of short radius turns and dips and curves galore. The turns are perfectly graded and banked to make this short trip a joy. There are several "looks like the road builders were following a snake" areas along this road. The road continues after this 7.5 mile run, but it turns to grave/dirt. There is a small pull off to turn around where the road surface changes, and you get the joy of returning back to the highway and see how the path changes in the twisties.

Tourism Opportunities

You are just a short hop away from Capon Bridge, WV. Greg's Restaurant has good home-style food. If you get there in the morning hours, be sure to get some of their made-on-site apple cinnamon doughnuts. They are amazing, but they do run out but late morning. The Farmer's Daughter is a true hidden gem. They are a full service butcher, and make some incredible sausages. The meat, cheeses, and veggies are all locally sourced, and their craft beer selection is amazing. The do offer sandwiches on occasion around the lunch period. The Liberty gas station at the far end of town has the world's best cold cut sandwich (do you hear sub or hoagie). They are 5.99 and pack a ton of ingredients. (We usually get one and split it.)

Motorcycle Road Additional info

The owner of the Liberty gas station is a big game hunter. If you have the time, ask to see the inside of the "hardware" store that is part of the station. They have a great selection of hardware, but that is where the "trophy" animals are displayed all around the upper wall areas.

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June 3, 2020
8 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Love this little route. Have ridden it a few times when visiting family in Capon Bridge. Also so good trout fishing on dillons run.
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