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By fxdbi (15 McR Points) on Sep 01, 2015

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Written Directions

Start in Clifton Forge and head north on Route 606 all the way to Valley View and US 72 on the north end. You best catch the road at Clifton Forge...you want to go uphill on this road from this end.


Very challenging turns, but unique roads as they are inclined to the turn. Trees, forest and mountain views. Reaching the top gives you the option to make your way along the ridge to a beautiful look out. Road ends at the airport further down.

Drive Enjoyment

For the most part road was in excellent condition, you will encounter the odd rough spot going up the mountain, nothing of concern.

Tourism Opportunities

No Amenities.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

When you reach the top, you will have the option to come back down on the other side of the mountain, or travel along the ridge. I recommend to travel along to the look out point, it is well marked.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review