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By Tgiby3 (5 McR Points) on Oct 13, 2014

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649 Mt Carmel Rd, Millwood, VA off route 50, a little bit after you enter the Paris area - over to Bluemont VA off route 7. 606 River road on the 7 side and 601 Mt Carmel rd on the 50 side.


This route covers the gorgeous shannendoah river and the rolling hills along the way. Very very very very very curvy and beautiful, a lot of fun to rip on or cruise on. AND IF YOU HAVE AN ADVENTURE BIKE - there are lots of gravel and dirt road off shoots that i could not conquer myself.

Drive Enjoyment

Lots of curves, well maintained, no issues with traction at all - there are many gravel off shoots though. be weary and bring a map!

Tourism Opportunities

It doesnt get much better than the Shenandoah river! Almost on the river, with a small gap of camp grounds between you and the water. You will have a wonderful view.

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I found it because I saw the road and thought to myself "that looks like it could be promising" and it was.

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