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By ButchA (5 McR Points) on Sep 12, 2013

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Written Directions

From Richmond, Virginia: Leave the west end of Richmond on Route 6 (Patterson Ave & Parham Rd). Take Route 6 west to I-288 south. Take the Midlothian Exit, Route 60 West. Continue on Route 60 all the way to Buckingham. Just barely past Buckingham, take a right onto Route 56 West. Continue on Route 56 all the way to Lovingston. Turn right onto Route 29 north. Continue on Route 29 to Woods Mill. Turn right onto Route 6 east. Continue on Route 6 east all the way back to Richmond, and back to the starting point at Patterson Ave & Parham Rd. It's a nice loop from Richmond west to the foothills (and scenic view) of the Blue Ridge Mts and back.


This is a nice cruise to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts and back. Lots of scenery with rolling hills and farmland and nice views of the Blue Ridge Mts in the distance too.

Drive Enjoyment

Route 6 in Richmond: Suburban 4 lane with traffic lights.I-288: Interstate. Route 60: Suburban 4 lane with only a few traffic lights, but then opens up into a sweeping 2 lane country road after a while. Route 56: Twisty, 2 lane country road (AWESOME!) Route 29: 4 lane highway almost like an interstate. Route 6 (coming back): Sweeping 2 lane country road. Route 56 is a lot more twisty than it appears on Mapquest or Google maps or whatever. Be mindful of your speed in some sections! Also, in Scottsville, VA on Route 6, when going up the hill, watch out for crazy drivers or motorcyclists carrying too much speed. There is a sudden 90 turn going up the hill just after Scottsville!

Tourism Opportunities

When you're in Cumberland, VA on Route 60, stop at the Shell station/snack shop. They have the best fried chicken!

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