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Route 114 Through The Kingdom State Forest

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By pinin406 (17 McR Points) on May 24, 2012

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Written Directions

From Brighton, take Route 114 north through the Kingdom State Forest. At the other end, in Canaan, you'll have options to take 102S. If you go a little further you'll find Route 3.


This is a gorgeous area to ride through. It's mostly state forest, though when you get out of the park it's still pretty. There aren't really any landmarks to stop and see; it's just a great curvy ride through nature.

Drive Enjoyment

This route is mostly big sweeping curves with a few tight ones worked in. There's a fair amount of elevation change as well. The roads are in great shape, so it's a smooth ride all the way through.

Tourism Opportunities

The Kingdom is a pretty popular place to camp, so that might be one reason to work it into your route. There're several large ponds if you wanna stop and take a dip. Otherwise, it's all forest until you get to the tiny town of Canaan.

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