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By Stoked4FLHXS (7 McR Points) on Oct 05, 2016

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Written Directions

Exit #7 heading East on I70. (Cove Fort is closest town) Exit #23 heading West on I70. (Joseph is closest town)


This route is almost always bypassed by those that do not know it is there. It is the old canyon road that was used before the final completion of interstate 70. Awesome scenery for sure. Follows Clear creek tightly for the route. The cut through the narrows is worth the time. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED.

Drive Enjoyment

Nice slow twisties and straights. Pavement is in excellent condition.

Tourism Opportunities

Not much in this short distance. Bathrooms at the state park, if open.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Fremont Indian state park is located along the route. Very interesting if you have the time. Watch for some ATV traffic. The Piute trail crosses here.

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