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By Cory (5 McR Points) on Nov 01, 2011

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April 19, 2014
This is simply an epic ride. The portion through…

Written Directions

The route starts in North Ogden and winds through the Wasatch Mountains on secondary roads to Salt Lake City. Paying attention to the map is important since we're carefully avoiding the major highways and riding, instead, on a number of side roads, through small towns, around reservoirs, through mountain valleys and over mountain passes. Living in the metropolitan areas along Utah's Wasatch Front doesn't necessarily mean always riding in city traffic. Some great back roads can be found in the nearby Wasatch Mountains that are just perfect for an afternoon ride. This route (which can easily be reversed) starts in North Ogden on a twisty, two-lane road across a mountain pass to Ogden Valley. From there, the road winds its way through the small towns and farmland around Pineview Reservoir before climbing over another mountain on the Trappers Loop Highway to Weber Canyon. In Weber Canyon we'll carefully avoid Interstate 84 by riding the back routes through rural Morgan Valley. From here, we head up another canyon to East Canyon Reservoir, then continue up over the top of Big Mountain and down Emigration Canyon to Salt Lake City.


The scenery is great and the pace is leisurely. The Wasatch Mountains are beautiful and the diversity of the ride makes for a highly enjoyable afternoon.

Drive Enjoyment

The roads are all paved and in good condition, but since the route involves several different roads, expect everything from quality two-lane highways to good single-lane back roads through farmland.

Tourism Opportunities

Since the route passes through several small towns, there will be no problem finding gasoline or a place to eat around Pineview Reservoir or in Morgan Valley. The last part of the route lies along the wagon trail that the Mormon pioneers took to reach the Salt Lake Valley.

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The high-mountain pass over Big Mountain is closed until into June each year due to snow. The roads are a bit complicated, so here's a link to the Google Maps route: http://goo.gl/ht3j2

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April 19, 2014
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This is simply an epic ride. The portion through Emigration Canyon and East Canyon is just awesome, and East Canyon especially will definitely feed your fix to twisties!

Also, if I can add a plug - if you alter the route slightly (in Morgan, stay on 100 East and cross under the highway, then head NE) you'll come across Kelly's Roadhouse, one of the greatest little out of the way biker pubs in the state (IMO)
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