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By MCR Contributor (1026 McR Points) on Dec 31, 1969

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November 12, 2019
Great Road

Written Directions

Rt. can start most anywhere thru the route, of course, but for now we'll say we're housed up in Marshall, Tx. We'll start at Loop 390West at Hwy 154 and head West. This will take you to the big city of Harelton where you will pick up Hwy 450. This will take you through some really pretty country and nice riding all the way to Ore City. Go one block west of the traffic light at 450 and Hwy 259 and follow the road to the left (south). A couple of miles outside of town is a community called 'Boxwood' and you'll be turning right onto Snapdraggon Road. This is where the oil top comes in. This is a very slow ride through the back woods all the way over to Hwy 155. You might find a patch or two of gravel, so watch yourself. Turn right onto 155...this is a very nice ride through winding roads and hills and will take you to Avinger. Turn back south on Hwy 49 to Jefferson. You can either head for Marshal, or cut across to Karnack for some more backwoods riding. Nice ride...be careful!


Lots of trees...some nice shots of Lake of the Pines, farms and ranches...watch for deer...you will most likely see a few.

Drive Enjoyment

Roads are mostly really good. A few of the back-roads are oil-top and slow, but are still easy running.

Tourism Opportunities

Small stores, Pittsburgh hot links in Jefferson. Bound to find a 'cold beverage' out there somewhere.

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November 12, 2019
102 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Enduro
Great Road
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