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By Crazytexan (7 McR Points) on Apr 24, 2016

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Written Directions

Start the route from the intersection of FM852 & FM 2088 (12 miles south of Winnsboro). From there go east on FM 2088 until you reach Bettie (Hwy 271) in 14 Miles. Note: this route is a suggested addition/alternative to FM 1002 and 852 South of Winnsboro.


FM 2088 Scenery is a combination of Pine woods and rolling hills with wide open ranches. Some curves are surrounded by grazing cattle and beautiful landscapes of green pastures and ponds. You'll roll up and down rolling hills that open up for miles on each side to picturesque landscapes. Note: While FM 852 is mentioned in another MCR description, I'll add that it is beautiful in the Spring time with Green Trees and Rolling Green pastures as you sweep through some nice fast curves with the occasional 30 MPH curves.

Drive Enjoyment

This road rises and falls as you cross rolling hills and sweep into wide and fast curves. Some Slower curves are present but most of the road has fast curves. Smooth Surface with no patches or potholes on this trip. Even lanes with no ruts or drop offs. I had no problem riding either wheel track or even the middle of the lane in curves or on straights.

Tourism Opportunities

Just north of the route is the town of Winnsboro which is the biggest town nearby. If you need to you can top off and use the public Rest Room at Winnsboro's Welcome Center (Train Depot). Nothing between Winnsboro and Bettie but Beautiful Scenery.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Winnsboro at Main Street and Hwy 11 (Broadway St) there is a welcome center along with a Red Caboose on the SouthEast corner of the intersection. There is a public restroom inside that is open daily from 6:00am to 6:00pm and it's very nicely maintained.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review