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By dbarhight (5 McR Points) on Feb 21, 2014

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About 12 miles east of Woodville, TX on US 190 you'll come to Route 92. Start your route by taking a left on Route 92 (by the way, 92 turns into CR 3725) and heading north for about 7 and a half miles and it will run into Highway 255. Take a right and head east on 255 for about another 10 miles and you'll see the Dam. Continue to US 96 and your done!


Very great wooded ride. It opens up to a great view at Sam Rayburn Lake. It's definitely worth the trip out.

Drive Enjoyment

The road between 190 on 92 (later CR 3725) up to 255 is a little rough so use caution if you take this route.

Tourism Opportunities

Not really too much as far as amenities go.

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