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By motorcyclist (15 McR Points) on Jul 03, 2017

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Written Directions

The route starts in Lufkin, TX. From whatever direction you are coming in from, find Texas State Highway 103 and head West. This bit of road is a straight well maintained road that allows for a bit of throttle once you get outside of the city limits. Continue until you come upon FM 1819. Take a right and enjoy some twisties through picturesque farmland, but be polite, people live on this road and there is a bit of driveways in sections. When you come to Wells, take a left onto US 69. This is another section of the route that allows for high volume air/fuel mixture to be pushed into the cylinder heads as the machine is pointed in a straight line. You will come upon FM 1911. you will take a right. You will follow this road and be shaded by the tunnel of trees as there is minimal cross-traffic. Eventually you will slow down and become slightly confused as the smooth and wonderfully maintained farm to market road will turn into a "gravelly" kind of road, and you will wonder if you have made a mistake. You have not. FM 1911 has become FM 789, like the joke. There is an old wooden bridge on this section so be prepared for that. FM 789 T's with FM 225. Take a left and head towards Douglass. This is a calm section of road with long sweeping turns. Once Douglass has been reached, take a right onto State Highway 21 and head into Nacogdoches. Take a right once you reached U.S. Route 59 and the take State Highway 7 to Kennard, TX. As you drive through Kennard admiring the small town, you will see the Kennard-Ratcliff Volunteer Fire Station on your left. This is FM 2781. Take the left and enjoy more long-sweeping turns that will offer more beautiful views of the East Texas country-side. Follow this road until you get to FM 358 at Pennington. Go East on FM 358, watching for tractors and being polite and then take a right and head South on FM 358 until you reach State Highway 94. There is an opportunity for you adventure riders to do a bit of gravel roads if you go straight when you need to take your right. That piece of road T's with S.H. 94.Take a left on State Highway 94 and head for Apple Springs and back to Lufkin, TX.


This is 132 miles of beautiful East Texas rolling hills, wilderness and country side. This meandering route offers the rider glimpses of the East Texas wilderness and country side, meadows of cows and cowbirds surrounded by the Big Thicket, sections of road with wilderness on both sides. Nothing out of the ordinary but many views that are extraordinary.

Drive Enjoyment

Really well maintained roads for 90% of the route, with a couple of parts that turn into not as well maintained roads, but you just go slower in those sections. Lots of sweepers with peg-scrappers sprinkled in book-ending straight, full throttle state highway sections. Speed limits are reasonable and when you have to slow down when going through a small towns it doesn't feel like a hindrance, but adds to the experience. That being said, the rider really needs to pay attention to road conditions because there are long sections that are stained red due to the red clay that is the soil. Not really a problem, but be careful.

Tourism Opportunities

The towns offer places to stop and stretch your legs, get gas and eat. There aren't many "retreat" type amenities, except outside of Pennington. There are a lot of closed burger shops that probably made the greatest burgers ever grilled at one point in time.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review