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By freerunnerj (5 McR Points) on Dec 18, 2011

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Written Directions

In between Crockett TX and Alto, TX on HWY 21, turn onto FM 227 W. This road starts on HWY 21, and ends in Grapeland, TX. After you get to Grapeland, ride thru town and get on FM 1272. Stays really twisty, and road surface is good. Be careful though: state maintenance ends (you should see a sign warning you) and it turns into a dirt road suddenly, after 7 miles or so.


Starts at Highway 21, weaving thru the pine trees right alongside the road, lush beautiful forest all the way to Augusta, and then opens up a little into pastures.

Drive Enjoyment

Pavement surface is difficult and challenging if you choose to race on it, as it is not very smooth. But for cruising speed is fine. From 21 to Augusta, it is very twisty, with turns marked at 20-30MPH!! It opens up with a long straight where you can really open the throttle, and close to Grapeland, it gets twisty again, but this time longer higher speed sweepers.

Tourism Opportunities

This road features almost no Roadside Amenities. A neat church in Augusta.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review