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By szbert (5 McR Points) on Jan 12, 2013

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Written Directions

The route starts at Scotties Restaurant in Paris Texas. On Farm to Market Road 79 (FM79) near the intersection of FM79 and US 82. Farm to Market 79 1. Head west on Farm to Market 79 toward Co Rd 31300 14.2 mi 2. Turn left onto Farm to Market Rd 2352 5.9 mi 3. Turn right onto Farm to Market 2216 4.7 mi 4. Turn right onto Farm to Market 100 0.5 mi 5. Take the 2nd left onto Farm to Market 409 7.8 mi 6. Turn left onto Farm to Market 2029 3.9 mi 7. Turn left onto Farm to Market 1396 Along the way you will pass near Gambill Wildlife refuge, a worthwhile stop. Through a few small towns. Covering nicely paved and twisty roads. The best of which is FM409 through Caddo Nationall Grassland and north of Lake Crocket and Coffee Mill Lake The route ends on the southern side of the Caddo National Grasslands from where it is a short ride back to US82


Often flat to rolling through some pretty north Texas countryside. Beautiful forests and grasslands near and in the National Grasslands.

Drive Enjoyment

Good pavement throughout with a few stops signs and very few stoplights in the small towns. Light traffic should be the rule. Some broad sweeping turns, a few tight twisties and some scenic straights in between.

Tourism Opportunities

Starting at Scotties restaurant in Paris. Very few amenities along this shortish 37 mile route. A few nice, scenic picnic spots along both Lake Crockett and Coffee Mill Lake. At the end it's a short hop onto US 82 and into Bonham with plenty of restaurants and fuel.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review