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November 29, 2013
Fun ride. Great turns and variety (for Texas)…

Written Directions

Start at the intersection of 14th St. and Dublin Rd. in Plano, TX (see online map above). 01. Head north on Dublin Rd toward Clay Dr (NICE Neighborhood) 02. Turn right at FM-2514/E Parker Rd 03. Turn left at FM-1378/Southview Dr FIGURE EIGHT - START SOUTH HALF 04. Turn right at FM-3286/E Lucas Rd/Lucas Branch Rd (Gas on right) 05. Turn left at FM-546 06. Turn right at Airport Rd 07. Turn right at E University Dr/US-380 FIGURE EIGHT - START NORTH HALF 08. Turn left at FM-1827/New Hope Rd W (First light on 380) 09. Continue on Highway 470 (Uneven Section) 10. Turn left at FM-1377 11. Turn left at FM-545 12. Turn left at FM-2933 13. Turn right at FM-1827/New Hope Rd W FIGURE EIGHT - END NORTH HALF, BACK ON SOUTH HALF 14. Turn right at E University Dr/US-380 15. Turn left at N McDonald St/TX-5 16. Slight left at Greenville Rd/TX-5 17. Turn left at Country Club Rd/FM-1378 18. Route ends at beginning of step 04 - FM-1378 and FM-3286 FIGURE EIGHT - END SOUTH HALF Special direction notes: On 545 (Step 11) you can hang a right on 2862 North to Westminster. That is where the Motorcycle Outpost and Big Slick's are. It is really worth stopping in... it is a very neat very old little Texas downtown, with only four businesses! Big Slick's is in an old Bank Building, and they still have the vault door, which is cool. Also, live music in the evenings on weekends. Also, you can go right on 545 (Step 11) to Blue Ridge to join up with the route North Texas Sweeper Heaven, listed by Dave Wolfe. It has a lot of straight sections, but the scenery is more rural and very saturated with farmland. It is worth the detour.


Well folks, it's North Texas. During the spring and summer, it is truly Gorgeous. The rest of the time, it is very nice, but gets a 3-star rating for lack of features. There are some nice hills, some incredible homes, some sweeping farmland, but all in all it is flat and somewhat unremarkable. The good news is if you are FROM North Texas, odds are this is an improvement. You do get to ride right by McKinney airport, which is pretty busy for a small airport and has some great aircraft... worth a stopping and looking. Also, Blue Ridge (right on 545 instead of left) is a nice sleepy little Texas town that is also worth seeing. You also get to cross Lavon Lake, which is very pretty on nice days, and you can join up with the route named North Texas Sweeper Heaven in Blue Ridge for some straighter lines and more rural farmland views that are just fantastic in the Spring and Fall!

Drive Enjoyment

Watch out for gravel anywhere you have to make a 90 degree turn. This is working farmland and there are lots of dirt roads connecting to this route, and the vehicles tend to leave little goodies behind. Traction is fine everywhere else, unless there has been a recent freeze. Then watch for salt/sand, as you would anywhere else in the area. Also, Road 470 (Off of 1827 in Altoga) is paved, but uneven in places, so be careful there as well, especially in the turns. There are very nice sweepers here, and lots of foliage to ride under and distract you, but watch your lane position and make sure you don't drift your tires down a rough spot while screaming through a turn

Tourism Opportunities

Well, there is no Bellagio or Gaylord Hotel, if that's what you're after. What there IS is plenty of Gas Stations and spots with nice shoulders to stop and rest, and some attractions worth Mentioning. Blue Ridge has some nice little restaurants. Westminster (North from 545 on 2862) has both the Motorcycle Outpost and Big Slick's, both of which have Bikers in abundance. Big Slick's also has very good food.

If you like Barbecue, stop at the little white and red trailer at the corner of 3286 and 546. They make some of the best in the area. NOT open on Sundays.

Of course McKinney is a major town and has everything you can imagine for comforts including gas, rest, and food. It is also a historic area as well, so stop for markers and take a detour to explore a bit.

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November 29, 2013
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Motorcycle Type : Sport
Fun ride. Great turns and variety (for Texas) and quite scenic. Road condition is fair--right edges of roads are often in very poor condition.
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