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By Guest (0 McR Points) on Oct 31, 2005

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April 17, 2011
Nice wide roads for most of this trip. Not real…

Written Directions

This back stretch of Highway 84 begins in Palestine, Texas, rolls through Rusk, Mt. Enterprise, Timpson, Tenaha, Crosses the Louisiana border at Logonsport and will end at Interstate 49 in Louisiana. You can head three hours south to Lafayette and on to New Orleans if you wish. Shreveport is also about an hour and a half north on I-49.


The scenery down Hwy. 84 has mostly pine trees from all the managed logging land down both sides of the highway. However, during the fall all the hardwoods are changing colors and it's akin to a fireworks show for the rider. The road is east west so time the ride to keep the sun out of your eyes at sunrise and sunset. Surely the scenery is great year round but fall is so far the very best time to ride down this backwoods highway in Texas.

Drive Enjoyment

The 4 lane section of Hwy. 84 is very brief as it lines up with Hwy 59 between Timpson and Tenaha, TX, which is also the busiest portion of the highway. Otherwise traffic is very light and the rider will find themselves alone for long stretches of road. There is a lot of terrain that is rather extreme rolling hills

Tourism Opportunities

Several small towns line Hwy. 84 and all have a character of isolation from the normal hustle and bustle of towns found near major interstates. Don't expect to find 5 star hotels or tourist oriented places. This is more of a day trip highway with gas and greasy spoon cafes along the way.

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April 17, 2011
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Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Nice wide roads for most of this trip. Not real adventursome for curves but a nice rolling ride. Plenty of amenities and scenery.
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