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By DanielP (14 McR Points) on Apr 04, 2015

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Written Directions

This road is located between Fayetteville and New Ulm. Both are small towns and it should be very easy to find 1291 and 109. From New Ulm, head west on 109. Once you reach Frelsburg (about 3 miles) you have the option to follow 109 south by turning left or continuing straight. Continue straight and you will be on 1291. From Fayetteville, you would be taking the 1291 south or east (not sure what the signs label it but it goes southeast). Their is another 1291 that continues north but that's not the ride route.


This route has few small hills to see some grass and fields. There really isn't much scenery, at least not when I was there. This road is really fun. I ride from New Ulm toward Fayetteville, turn around at the railroad tracks just before entering Fayetteville, and ride it backwards. This is a road I would suggest taking slow the first time just to get an idea of everything.

Drive Enjoyment

No potholes out here. There was a lot of roadkill and turtles crossing. The guys behind me also said rocks were flying everywhere. I didn't notice a lot of lose gravel as lead rider but there is clearly some bit of small debris.

Tourism Opportunities

On 1291 there is an Icehouse bar along the way. Its about the only place open to the public. I haven't been in there. On either ends of the route you can get gas but there really isn't much in New Ulm or Fayetteville.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review