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By 2011flhx.roadslayr (10 McR Points) on Aug 23, 2014

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Written Directions

Start in San Augustine, TX (about 2.5 northeast of Houston and 2.5 hours southeast of Dallas) and this road can be found on the east side of town. Follow TX 147 north and FM 353 will be about a block north of TX 21 on the right. Note the road is also called Patroon St. If Southbound on TX 87 from north of Sabine National Forest, FM 353 is on the right after FM 1279. If northbound on TX 87, it will be after FM 330.


Farm to Market 353 didn't appear to be much, and my planning of this road was actually a slight detour from where I was previously headed. After about four hours coming from South Houston, it was a nice change of pace. Speed limits on this section are much lower than the surrounding roads, and with good reason. This road is definitely not as straight as most roads in the area. Keep an eye out for wildlife as well. At 1252 in the afternoon, I had two deer decide to cross the road within about 50 yards.

Drive Enjoyment

The road is in good condition. I don't recall any sizable potholes or cracks. There are a few locations where the pavement has settled lower than that in the center of the road, which can make things a little exciting if you aren't expecting it.

Tourism Opportunities

There are no amenities on this road, however San Augustine has some to provide, in a traditionally western downtown experience. Before 353, TX 87 has a few scattered fuel stations, but not much else. There are no rest stops along this lazy path, although it is only 10 miles long.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

I happened to find this on a 500 mile day trip from south Houston/Pearland, through Sabine National Forest, Angelina National Forest, and Sam Houston National Forest. This was my favorite stretch of road that day, especially considering was spent severe thunderstorm dodging. All in all, well worth it.

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