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By DanielP (14 McR Points) on Jul 15, 2015

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From 288, take 1462 West. Travel 6.3 miles and turn right onto CR 42. OR You can take 1462 West and turn right on 521. Travel North 2.5 miles and turn left at the church. BAM! enjoy.


I really like how shaded this road is. There are some farm animals and open fields. This isnt the ideal landscape but its different in a great way that I really enjoyed the scene when I rode it.

Drive Enjoyment

The road was repaved pretty recently as of May 2015. It has great road condition but sometimes the local farm animals find their way onto it. Also, because of the trees so close and overhanging the road, sometimes limbs may be in the way.

Tourism Opportunities

There is nothing to stop and see or take a break on this road. Its mostly residents and farms. Of course its only 9 miles too.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Skydive Spaceland is right next door if you want to go skydiving. That's how I found this road. Cow creek road is just down the way as well and that's a decent ride.

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