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By saibeer (5 McR Points) on Sep 10, 2011

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April 4, 2013
Good Roads good places to eat along the way. Good…

Written Directions

Starting from Central Expy N heading into McKinney 1)Head north on Central Expy N toward Bush Rd 2)Turn right onto FM 720/Frisco Rd 3)Turn right onto Greenville Dr 4)Take the 1st left onto Country Club Rd/FM1378 S 5)Head east on FM1378 S toward Co Rd 270/Stoddard Rd 6)Head south on FM1378 S toward W Lucas Rd 7)Turn left onto FM1378 S/W Lucas Rd 8)Turn left onto FM3286/E Lucas Rd Continue to follow FM3286 9)Turn left onto Co Rd 546/FM546 10)Continue to follow FM546 11)Head north on FM546 toward Co Rd 395 Continue to follow FM546 12)Head north on FM546 toward Country Ln 13)Take the 1st right onto Airport Rd 14)Turn right onto E University Dr 15)Turn left onto FM1827 N/New Hope Rd W. Continue to follow FM1827 N 16)Continue onto Co Rd 470 17)Turn left onto FM1377 18)Head northeast on FM1377 toward Co Rd 571 19)Turn left onto FM545 20)Head west on FM545 toward Co Rd 575 21)Turn left onto FM2933 22)Head south on FM2933 toward Bryant St/Co Rd 414 23)Turn right onto Co Rd 331 24)Head southwest on Co Rd 331 toward Co Rd 274/McIntire Rd 25)Continue onto Wood lawn Rd 26)Turn right onto Hwy 380 (E University Dr) 27)Turn left onto Bradley St Take a deep breath as that was one heck-of a ride


If you were looking at the scenery too much then you missed one of the turns. A lot of green, some hills, some water, some of just about everything that is up here.

Drive Enjoyment

Roads are average a lot of blind turns you have to watch for the farmers. Road quality typical for North Texas

Tourism Opportunities

The route bypasses most little towns (Blue Ridge) is at the top of the tie - turn right rather than left on Co Rd 545. I did include 1 gas station as you turn unto 380 on your immediate right.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

I didn't see the map location so I included it here:https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=212691782374986763293.0004acae9c20ac9cf0ad0&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=33.184686,-96.531372&spn=0.356863,0.727158&t=m&z=11&vpsrc=6>

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April 4, 2013
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Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Good Roads good places to eat along the way. Good curves and good sights
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