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By 1stcarver (10 McR Points) on Apr 08, 2017

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Written Directions

This ride starts in Waskom TX and stays on Route 134 heading north up to Jefferson, TX.


A few Historical markers, and some bayous. Mostly it's a farming/ranching community. This ride starts in Waskom TX. If you are on I-20 take the Caddo Lake exit, HI way 134 North. After leaving Waskom the next town? you will pass thru is Jonesville. Nothing there really but an old T.C. Lindsey General Store that is definitely a stop for sight seeing. 7 Disney movies made there, and the movie Swamp Thing was made there as well. It's like stepping back in time! Follow 134 North to Jefferson, TX. Another historic site. Antique shopping, wonderful places to eat, and lots of folks on the weekends during the summer. Steam train rides, horse, and buggy rides, a Civil War reenactment, and boat rides on the Big Cypress Bayou. A hot spot for local bike riders.

Drive Enjoyment

A slow leisurely ride with some nice curves, and a couple of really tight curves. The road is mostly shady, except at high noon. The road is in good condition, and it is enjoyable to ride. Though this route is short there are some good curves, and rolling hills. A couple of the curves have 20 mph posted signs.

Tourism Opportunities

While there isn't much between Waskom, and Jefferson, Jefferson shines! Hotels, motels, and Bed and Breakfast places available. Antiques, or just junk! Specialty shops, and restaurants. Auntie Skinner's Riverboat Club Restaurant & Bar will be the hot spot!

No reviews added for this route. Write a review