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By mdc0920 (10 McR Points) on Jul 12, 2012

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Written Directions

From Paris Texas take the north loop 82 and exit north onto FM195. Stay on FM195...it will turn into 906...and then exit you onto Hiway 271. Head south on 271 back to Paris Texas.


While this is not going to be one of those great scenic adventures...you will be surprised at the rolling fields of open grass, the upscale ranch homes, small lakes and ponds....in general a nice "learner's ride".

Drive Enjoyment

The road along this route is perfect for a beginner. With a few easy to maneuver "S" turns, a couple of 90 degree turns, etc. The pavement is quality, so no concerns there.

Tourism Opportunities

Since it only a 30 mile or so run, you shouldn't be too concerned about "Amenities". But there are gas stations at the beginning of the "run".

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Even if you are not a beginner and just want to "get out fro a short ride to get away from the house. This is a nice one.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review