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By helicopter (12 McR Points) on Mar 09, 2018

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Written Directions

Starting in Johnson City, TN Ride up US-321 N/TN-67/TN-91/Broad St. (8.35 miles) Make a right turn onto Highway 19 E/US-321 S/US-19E S/TN-67/TN-37. Continue heading up US-321 S/US-19E S/TN-67/TN-37. (5.17 miles) Turn left onto Highway 321/US-321 S/TN-67 You will see signs guiding you Dennis Cove Recreation Area. 321 will veer off at a Y intersection with signs for Dennis Cove. Take the right road and follow the winding road upwards until you get to the recreation area. Bikers can park in the small gravel lot on the right side of the road at the base of Laurel Fork trail head. There is also an overflow parking area across the street from the recreation area with plenty of room for motorcycles as well as cars and trucks.


When you start the ride in Johnson City, TN, a city with a population of nearly 67,000 and an area filled with beautiful landmarks, restaurants and pubs and great places for fun in the great outdoors, you'll quickly see that adventure abounds in every direction. Note: this great motorcycle route & description provided by A1 Auto Transport offering safe & reliable auto & motorcycle shipping! From Johnson City as you travel through Washington and Carter County into Elizabethton, Tennessee, you'll see beautiful green pastures, old country homes. Along the route, you may notice families bicycling or walking together on the Tweetsie Trail, a 15-mile walking trail that runs from Johnson City, TN all the way through the city of Elizabethton, TN. Be sure to stop for lunch at the Southern Restaurant in Elizabethton for a good old fashioned home cooked meal, or for those who want a cold drink, a hot pizza and a bite at the biggest and best salad bar in East Tennessee, be sure to check out Jiggy Ray's Pizza in the heart of downtown Elizabethton. When lunch is over, hop back on the bike and head up Hwy 19E into Hampton, TN. You'll see some of the most beautiful country in the nation as you find yourself surrounded by mountains and plenty of farmland all the way up to Dennis Cove where your destination at Laurel Fork Falls is located. To get to the falls, you will take a hike down a small section of the Appalachian Trail where you can enjoy the peace and quiet and catch a glimpse of squirrels, birds, snakes and other wildlife. You'll find ample space to pitch a tent and camp or even take a little time to splash in the river before reaching the descent to the falls. Once you reach the falls, it's easy to spend hours lounging on the rocks beneath the falls or as some of the more adventurous do, swimming out and jumping from the top into the water below. Swimming is at your own risk as you won't find a lifeguard at this swimming hole, so be sure to take precautions and stay safe during your time at the falls.

Drive Enjoyment

Pretty good all around for even beginner riders. Be aware of mud and rocks on the road as there are several side streets that track mud onto the road after a rain. Road quality all the way from Johnson City, TN to Laurel Fork Falls in Hampton, TN is perfect for a smooth ride whether you're traveling on your motorcycle or riding in a larger vehicle. There are a few potholes once you get to Dennis Cove, but nothing that can't be easily maneuvered around during the ride.

Tourism Opportunities

You'll find plenty of great restaurants as well as antique shops, gun shops, pubs and pool halls along the roadways. There are also farmers markets, art galleries and plenty of scenic pull-offs to stop and catch some great shots with your camera or phone to remember this trip. Planning to stay overnight? Pack a tent and pitch it when you arrive, or you can always book a room at a local hotel in Elizabethton or Johnson City. GAS STATIONS: Murphy Fuel, Food City Gas Station, Shell, Exxon, BP HOTEL: Americourt (Elizabethton), Travelers Inn (Elizabethton) Watauga River Cabins (Elizabethton) Braemer Castle Hostel (Hampton) Holiday Inn Express (Johnson City), Red Roof Inn (Johnson City), Carnegie Hotel (Johnson City) REPAIRS: Elizabethton East TN ATV BB&E Customs B&T Auto Repair Hampton Hampton Repair Shop Johnson City Joe's Motorcycle & ATV Service (Johnson City)

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Here is a YouTube video showing the beauty of the falls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8qNFs9cKxo

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