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By Abraxxas (5 McR Points) on Mar 03, 2018

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September 13, 2018
I live near here. A fun twisty ride. Would…

Written Directions

Starts at the intersection of TN-96 and Hwy 141 just south of where I40 runs through Buffalo Valley. On the corner is Big Rock Market and Caney Fork Cabin Rentals. Head south on TN-96. Ends at the intersection of TN-96 and US-70, 5 miles NW of Smithville.


Great view of the Center Hill Dam at the starting point, overlooking Center Hill lake on the other side of the dam. There is a marina you can see down through the trees on your way up the hill and catch a few glimpses of the lake through the trees as you get further up the hill. Once past the lake, it is mostly wooded with some open areas that allow you to see down the side of the ridge.

Drive Enjoyment

Once over the dam, pavement is fresh and smooth, no potholes or tar snakes. Nice smooth curvy sweeping corners and elevation changes. You are heading uphill for about half the route and downhill for the other.

Tourism Opportunities

Center Hill Marina & Yacht Club has a small restaurant with decent food and you can fuel up and grab a quick snack at the Big Rock Market.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is a favorite of local sport bike riders as a fun little section that isn't too far from Nashville.

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September 13, 2018
23 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
I live near here. A fun twisty ride. Would recommend.
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