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By Williamaster (5 McR Points) on Mar 12, 2013

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July 29, 2018
This is a nice little circle for me, as somebody…

Written Directions

Start At the City Cafe in Murfreesboro for a delicious breakfast. Ride out Halls hill pk to Auburntown and down to woodbury. Come Back the same way, or beat feet up Woodburry highway to get back to Murfreesboro. From Murfreesboro: 1. Head west on W Main St toward S Dillon St - 0.9 mi 2. Turn right onto Murfreesboro Rd - 4.5 mi 3. Turn right onto Porterfield Rd - 4.7 mi 4. Turn right onto Halls Hill Pike - 4.0 mi 5. Turn right onto Milton St - 0.1 mi 6. Turn left onto TN-96 W/Lascassas Pike - 5.2 mi 7. Turn left onto Lofton Rd - 1.8 mi 8. Turn left onto Browns Mill Rd - 1.2 mi 9. Take the 1st right onto Guy James Rd - 1.5 mi 10. Turn right onto Halls Hill Pike - 4.6 mi 11. Continue onto Greenland Dr - 1.8 mi 12. Turn left onto N Highland Ave - 0.3 mi 13. Turn right onto E Main St - 0.4 mi 14. Take the 3rd left onto S Spring St 79 ft and end in Woodbury, TN.


Tennesse hill country at it's best. Farms, gently curving roads and light traffic let you notice what Tennessee is made of.

Drive Enjoyment

Mostly good quality 2 lane, with a few minute of wide highway in the middle. Watch for driveways and the occasional gravel run off from uphill homes

Tourism Opportunities

This is a short trip, so no need to stop. BUT if you do, the best stop is in Auburntown. Run up Hwy 96 a few Hd yds from your right turn and stop at Dutton's Market. Deli, gas, fishing, movies and more. Perfect country store!

Motorcycle Road Additional info

There is plenty more to see in Auburntown and vicinity. This is just one of my go to routes. ENJOY

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July 29, 2018
2 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
This is a nice little circle for me, as somebody who lives in Murfreesboro. Pretty good for a beginner. Not a complete beginner, but I'm pretty comfortable with it, having ridden about 500 miles since getting my first bike a couple of months ago.

This ride takes me a little out of town, but not so far that I feel like I need to pack anything. There are different ways to get there, but I just follow Northfield until it turns into N. Rutherford. The goal is to get to Hall Hills Pike, which is the main part of this ride. It changes from two lanes with a turn lane in the middle to just a two-lane, and then you're on the lookout for Guy James Rd (it also has a sign to "MTSU Farms". Both the street site and the MTSU Farms sign are blue). Then left at Browns Mill Rd (which is a dead-end stop sign. You can't miss that), and then right on Lofton (you definitely CAN miss that. I dare you to not pass it up the first time you do this trip, if you're not using GPS).

Once on Lofton, it's a straight shot up to Highway 96. Turn right there, and then it's highways speeds for about 5 miles. You'll recognize your right turn because you'll see that road that you're about to turn on going off into the distance. A weird dog leg around a church, and then Halls Hill Pike picks you up again.

I take Halls Hill Pike all the way back into town, past the turnoff to Guy James Rd and all the way back down to N. Rutherford.
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