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Written Directions

Start in Sevierville and head north on Route 66 till you quickly arrive at Rt 338 where you wan to take a right (head east). Take 338 as it turns north and when it runs into Rt 139 take a right (head east) and take this to Dandridge. Now pick up Rt 92 north (in Dandridge at 4 way stop turn left) and 25W/70/92. Turn left and pass a Food City. 25W/70 turns. Stay on 92 as it takes you up to Jefferson City area. It combines with 11E at Jefferson City. Turn left at the stoplight onto 92/11E combined(4 Lane). Watch for 92 turnoff to the right opposite the hospital. Follow 92, makes another sharp left turn about a mile or two down the road, to Rutledge, TN. Route 92 ends at Rutledge at 11W route on TN Map. That completes the route.


The 338 portion passes nice farm land views, with turnoffs to head/tail waters of Douglas Dam.

The 139 portion passes by Lake Douglas with views and ends at Historic Dandridge.

The 92 portion has nice views and passes Lake Cherokee Dam turnoff, view of the lake. Details - One of the best views in TN is at the tail water area of Douglas Lake with restroom facilities. (off of 338 just before 139). Take the time to drive down to river level of the dam. Continue to Dandridge, a historic old town. Interesting to walk or ride the couple of blocks there, check out the Bible Drug Store, Smokey BBQ, earthen dam that saved the city. Nice view and parking on top of this dam. Also, go south a short distance on 92 south over the bridge to the Marina Restaurant. Then turn back North on 92, you will come to Cherokee Dam Recreation area. Pull into the recreation area, restrooms, and a nice loop out to see the lake. Back on 92, pass the tail waters. Continue the twisty to Rutledge.

Drive Enjoyment

The route has it all, easy nice curves, and some more difficult areas that are near switchbacks but not as tight as actual switchbacks. Generally, always good road surfaces on all of these roads.

Details --- The 338 and 139 portion is 2 lane with nice curves to some nearly straight areas. The 92 portion varies from 4 lane cruising for about 10 miles from Dandridge to Jefferson City area, and then varies from nice curves to very twisty on the last part near Rutledge. No tight switch backs, but some very near switchbacks.

Tourism Opportunities

There are various restaurants along the route and in Sevierville, Dandridge, Jefferson City and Rutledge. There are gas stations along the route at various places and you should not need to worry about that, but always best to fill up before leaving.

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