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By eroomtc (7 McR Points) on Nov 10, 2013

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Written Directions

A wonderful alternative to riding the Interstate.If headed east on I 40 exit at 258 (Highway 53), turn right on Hwy 53 then left onto 141 at the 4 way stop. If heading west on I 40 exit 273 (Highway 56), turn left and then right onto 141. Hwy 141 will also share the name of Hwy 96 for a short portion across the Center Hill Dam. This ride ends when you T into Route 56 (at I-40's exit #273).


The scenery ranges from farm land to woods to lakes and rivers. The most beauty can be seen in the spring and fall. Be careful in the fall after a rain, the leaves can make for slick spots.

Drive Enjoyment

The road is excellent save one small area of gravel (1/2 mile max) between the center hill dam and Lancaster. That is all that keeps it from being a 5. There are a few railroad crossings, but clearly marked.

Tourism Opportunities

At the start and finish, gas & staples abound.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is twice and long and 20 times the fun of the normal I-40 route. Take the time to ride it!

No reviews added for this route. Write a review