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By Bart (12 McR Points) on Jul 17, 2012

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Written Directions

Starting out in Sticks... Yes, Sticks is the crossroads of Blooming Grove Road (Route 216) and Jefferson Road (Route 516). Head south on Route 516 as this turns into PA Route 851. Continue on PA Route 851 Steltz Road until you reach New Freedom. At that point Route 851 becomes West Main Street. Continue Straight on Main Street ignoring Route 851 signage which turns left and goes through Railroad and Shrewsbury. At this time DO NOT turn left on Route 851. Continue straight on Main Street which turns into Campbell Road, about a 1/2 mile. Continue on Campbell Road until you come to South Main Street / Susquehanna Trail, approximately 1 mile. Turn left onto South Main Street and make the next right turn onto Windy Hill Road. Follow Windy Hill Road for 2 miles, which turns into East Tolna Road for the last 1/4 mile. East Tolna Road ends at PA Route 851 Bridgeview Road. Turn right onto PA Route 851 East. Continue to follow PA Route 851 East for 3 miles at which point PA Route 851 turns into Mill Street when entering Stewartstown. Turn left onto West Pennsylvania Avenue. Make the next right onto North Main Street. Make the next left just before J.J. Hartenstein's onto College Avenue. Follow College Avenue for about 2.5 miles. Make the right onto Woolen Mill Road. Follow Woolen Mill Road for a little over 3 miles. Turn left onto New Park Road and immediately bare right onto East Main Street. Follow Main Street through Fawn Grove. After Fawn Grove, Main Street turns into Graceton Road/ Route 851. Turn Left onto Bryansville/ Road Route 851. The ride ends at the circle where Route 851 and Route 74 meet.


Scenery along PA Route 851 is a mix of rolling hills, old growth woods, farm land and small towns. During the fall months the foliage is beautiful, especially on the eastern end of Route 851.

Drive Enjoyment

The western end of this route has a few good twisties and good elevation changes. The eastern end of Route 851 has more twisties and more elevation changes as compared to the western end. Road quality is relatively good throughout the route. The road surface coming out the eastern side of Stewartstown is tar and chip pavement, so watch for loose stones. The east end of the route has fresh pavement between Kilgore Road and Route 74. Also, the east side of the route has a lot of shaded areas.

Tourism Opportunities

There are fuel stations, and restaurants in New Freedom and Stewartstown. The Delta Family Restaurant is at the western end of Route 851 on the corner of 851 and 74.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is a nice quick morning /afternoon ride. A ride from one end to the other should take no more than one and a half hours depending on traffic. Traffic at times can be heavy in town (hence avoiding Railroad and Shrewsbury on the route) although traffic is usually light outside of town.

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