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By passinharleys (11 McR Points) on Sep 11, 2013

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May 28, 2014
This is a gem of a road in Chester County. Not…

Written Directions

Starting at the intersection of Rt 30 and Rt 82 follow 82 South, about 5 miles (Doe Run Rd) to Route 841. Turn Right and Follow to the Maryland State Line. A total of about 23 miles.


This is Chester County horse country and the scenery does not include mountain vistas but it is a beautiful rolling terrain. The crosses small streams and lush farmland.

Drive Enjoyment

The route is generally filled with sweeping turns, but there are some twisty areas near the beginning of 841S which can catch you out. Terrain has nice rolling topography, but not large elevation changes. There can be gravel in places, but generally speaking its not where you are riding. The surface is smooth and fast, traffic generally light, try Sunday Mornings!

Tourism Opportunities

There is a small bodega about halfway where snacks water and gas are available, but not terribly biker friendly. Zero Police presence in 4 runs of this road.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Less than a mile from the turn onto 841 there is a series of flat turns which are BLIND, there is a Right Left Right combo which appears at first glance a sweeping right, in fact its a hard right, hard left, gentler right. And a roadside memorial to someone who was caught out. IT IS EASY TO CROSS THE CENTERLINE, and Deadly. Other sites have called this the nicest road in PA, I have been on many better but I love this road.

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May 28, 2014
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This is a gem of a road in Chester County. Not extremely technical but will keep you busy overall, especially the chicane mentioned in the description. I like to stop at The Whip for brunch/lunch. At the southern end I just turn around around and do it again, north.
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