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By Scruff (21 McR Points) on Jun 29, 2016

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Written Directions

PA-75 North from Doylesburg to Honey Grove. I enjoy a combination of PA-274 and PA-74, but those are already mapped out so this is just a segment that was missing.


Scenery is mostly open fields. The highlight of this is that you are riding through a valley so beyond the fields is a mountain on both sides. This is great to ride in the fall for the foliage. Whether looking left or right, all you see is beautiful mountain side.

Drive Enjoyment

This is some of the easiest riding I have ever done. The rode is mostly straight with some minor curves and hills along the way. Speed limit is primarily 55mph, but will drop as you pass through any small "residential" area. These areas are no more than a quarter mile long. Have never had any issues with traffic or any other road hazards.

Tourism Opportunities

You are on this route for the scenery. Population is a minimal on this route. There isn't even a gas station so fuel up before you go! As I said before, this route passes through some small "residential" areas that are less than a quarter mile long. You won't hit a single traffic light or stop sign. Its all smooth riding!

No reviews added for this route. Write a review