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By Vader3 (45 McR Points) on Aug 03, 2017

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July 27, 2020
Lots of farms and twisties filled with open…

Written Directions

From the intersection of Rt 819 in Greensburg head north on Route 119 to the intersection of Rt 22 in New Alexandria.


Rolling rural hills that are a patchwork of cornfields, forests and an occasional small business or home. Keep your eyes peeking to the east for glimpses of the Appalachians each time you crest a hill where trees are cut back.

Drive Enjoyment

This is a straight shot, with no stop signs or red lights throughout, with plenty of sweepers, altitude changes and a few twisties. Good pavement too ( as of 2017 )

Tourism Opportunities

Plenty of pickens on the Greensburg end, a small village ( Crabtree - which actually now had a gas station!!! ), and not much on the northern end ( until you head east on Rt 22 for 2 miles ). The small town of Crabtree has two awesome Italian restaurants ( Rizzo's & Carbones ). Rizzo's is very comtemporary, and Carbone's still looks like the type of 60's joint that a Mafia hit would go down in. At the far northern end, about 150 ft before Rt 22, there is a tavern "Speal's Tavern" that is a great run-down looking building outside. Stop there for a real treat, as inside it's also a Cigar Box Guitar Museum. The owners' son is a world-renown musician, guitar builder and cigar box historian, and inside the walls are covered with an incredibly diverse collection dating back to the early 1900's...

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There are many other fine roads in this area which link up to form a great network of local biking roads.

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July 27, 2020
5 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Lots of farms and twisties filled with open straight-aways to really open the throttle
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