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By Scruff (21 McR Points) on Mar 03, 2016

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Written Directions

Start at the intersection of PA-74 and PA-849, the closest town is Ickesburg. Follow PA-849 East towards Newport. You'll pass through Eshcol, Walnut Grove, Markelsville, Wila and Oliver before you reach Newport. Once in Newport, PA-849 overlap with PA-34. Once out of Newport, bear right to remain on PA-34 and follow that until it "T's" with PA-850 just north of Shermans Dale.


Winding roads will take you through sections of thick woods and then some open/corn fields (depending on the time of year). This ride also taps into Little Buffalo State park which is where the wooded scenery comes in.

Drive Enjoyment

Plenty of winding roads with a few straight-aways. The road itself is usually in average condition. There are Amish who live out this way that use horse and buggies still so you'll occasionally have to watch out for them and any droppings a horse may leave behind.

Tourism Opportunities

Little Buffalo State Park is the main attraction on this route and there are multiple places to pull off to access the park. Most of the ride is remote/rural so there aren't any restaurants to stop along this route. My favorite thing about this ride is that there is only one stop sign, which is in Newport, during this entire stretch.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is only a segment of a much larger ride that I like to do, but given that parts of it were already listed on MotorcycleRoads.com, I only added this segment. I like to start in Carlisle and end in Carlisle which totals about 90 miles. Beautiful and definitely my favorite ride!

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