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By nospeedlimit09 (5 McR Points) on Mar 21, 2012

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Written Directions

Route 408 in Cambridge springs starts the trip with a few 90 degree turns and then goes into some straight stretches with 35-45 MPH turns. Goes through Townville and turns right on 428 heading toward Oil City. 428 has many hair pin turns with good "humps" in the road for a quick wheelie. Once you get to a stop sign you turn right onto route 417 toward Franklin. 417 has some faster paced turns up in the 45-50 MPH "suggested speed."


This route doesn't provide a ton of scenery-which on a sport bike is a good thing. Last thing you want is to be checking out the river and not seeing the 20 MPH turn ahead of you. Has decent hills and mountains to be seen for Western Pa.

Drive Enjoyment

Road quality is pretty good except right after winter. You want to watch for wash outs and dirt covering the roads as well as cinders and road salt. After the first few weeks of nice weather it should be in great shape.

Tourism Opportunities

Once you leave Cambridge springs make sure you have at least half a tank because you won't find a gas station until Franklin.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review