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By sweetjimmy (9 McR Points) on Mar 11, 2012

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Written Directions

This is a loop that can begin anywhere along the path, but since Baker is Eastern Oregon's premier Motorcycling locale, I'll start there. From Baker City, head north on I84 until you reach the Medical Springs exit (Highway 203) and head East. After about 45 miles, you'll reach Union, Oregon. If you need gas, you'll need to turn right (north) on Union's main drag (Main Street). Otherwise, head south on Main and it will take you out of town and toward North Powder via Pyles Canyon (Highway 237). On the west side of North Powder, turn left (south) on Highway 30 and follow it until you're back in Baker.


203 will give you a taste of mostly everything Eastern Oregon has to offer: high desert, rolling range land, wooded passes, and creek-cut canyons. Highway 237 is mostly high desert and range land, but there is also a pretty big wind farm out that way, too. The ride along Highway 30 is almost entirely farm land.

Drive Enjoyment

The road, for the most part, is in great shape and contains a wide variety of sweeps, curves, elevation changes, twists, and straights. Gravel can be a concern along a few patches of Highways 203 and 237. Also, local wildlife is also a concern.

Tourism Opportunities

You'll find gas in both Union and Baker. Your best bet for food is Baker, though. Along highway 203, you'll pass a hot springs (not sure if it's open or not) and Catherine Creek campground, which can be nice for camping and hiking. There's also a natural spring drinking fountain on Highway 203 not far from the camp ground, and if happen to spot it, it makes for a nice resting spot.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Watch out for wildlife. I hit a badger on Highway 30 and it nearly killed me last year. There's also no shortage of deer in this neck of the woods, but they're easier to see than badgers.

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