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By GL1800 (5 McR Points) on Sep 11, 2012

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Written Directions

This ride starts in Stigler, OK. At the most Nortern end of Route 82. Go north 0n 82, First turn is 25 miles from the start, it will be to the west (right) on 270 west / 82, within a 1/4 of a mile second turn back on north 82, this will be the another 17.8 miles. 28 mins. east to Talhina. All in all, a 43.4 mile trip.


Rolling hills and valleys, plenty of pines for the passenger to watch fly by, may be a deer or two along the way.

Drive Enjoyment

The frist 25 Mls is a really nice smooth road most of it have a good shoulder and plenty of curves to play in, but the speed limt is low - 55. Not sure if it gets watched much, but looks like it could be fun. One switch back in this road and a few 90 deg turns, so keep your eye open. The second part of 82 is a curvey road with a few places to look out for, but very fun to ride. Some sharp curves but in all a good road!

Tourism Opportunities

The gas stations and eating places are few. Not that many places to go to the bathroom. Stigler bathroom - EEu - but if you got to go..! In closeing if you find youself in the area and need something to eat?? Talhina has a good diner - Pam's Hateful Hussy. Its a good place to eat and you can't beat the prices there!!

No reviews added for this route. Write a review