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By dozerbob1 (5 McR Points) on Jun 12, 2013

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April 21, 2014
A good day trip, lots of curves and turns. Stop…

Written Directions

Start at Ada Ok. We took highway 3e to Coalgate. There is lots of natural gas development on this leg between Ada and Coalgate so the topography has changed recently.After you leave Coalgate you can observe strip mining pits on the west side of the highway before you get you get to Lehigh. These pits supplied coal for trains in the 1910's, 20's and 30's. When you get to Atoka there is a new McD's on the corner of 3e and 69 highways where service is outstanding! Drive on east to Antlers using highway 3e. There is a cycle dealership with a cold air conditioner located about 5 blocks past highway 2 north exit. It gives you a good place to stop and see a friendly face. Proceed north on highway 2 to Clayton. Take highway 2 north from Clayton. North of Clayton are Clayton and Sardias lakes. Good places for a rest stop if needed. Proceed north on 2 to Wilburton. The casino on the right has a cool break tables and plenty to eat.Take highway 2 north to Robbers cave state park. Make a trip to the cave if you haven't been lately. The park is beautiful! If your strength is still with you take the CCC steps up to the cave where rumors of Jesse James and other outlaws stayed. The cave is very cool and comfortable in the back of it. Hit the highway 2 north and travel to highway 31. Turn west on highway 31 and find Quinton about 2 miles down the road. Quinton has some good quick stops for fuel and food but DO NOT SPEED! The police are generous with citations. travel west to Krebs home of the best Italian cooking this side of Italy. I won't recomend any because they are all good!Take highway 31 west to highway 270 and Mcalester. There is a motorcycle dealer there and numerous thing to see. Take highway 270 west to highway 1 at Calvin. DO NOT SPEED! ( What is it with these little towns!) Go west of calvin on highway 1 to Ada where you began.


The trip covers mostly rolling plains until you get to Anlers and go north on highway 2. At this point the scenery becomes a 5 due to the large pines with a series of nice twisties. Definately a must see. The scenery will change to running beside mountain ranges till it becomes rolling hills again. Nothing like the smell of pines in the air!

Drive Enjoyment

The road has gentle curves and slopesuntil th halfway point where the twisties take over. The highways become rolling hills and gentle slopes as you approach the end. Watch for a very few potholes or raiseups due to oil field traffic.

Tourism Opportunities

There is more decribed with the directions. Hospitality is great with a few cycle shops and lots of country kitchens. Plan your fuel if your range is limited.

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April 21, 2014
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
A good day trip, lots of curves and turns. Stop at Robbers Cave was worth the trip. On the way back into Ada from Allen I went through Francis. The Francis road from Allen adds an additional 20 plus curves, but road is in rough condition and not well marked.
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