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By devin.b (5 McR Points) on Mar 18, 2013

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March 8, 2015
This road is DISMAL. It's a straight line in…

Written Directions

This route begins at Lake OverHolser in Oklahoma City, but can begin anywhere in the OKC metro area. It's a direct shot down Rt 66 to El Reno and famous Sid's Diner.


This run leads west out of OKC running 3 mi. North of & parallel to I-40 for 20 miles. To start, Lake Overholser is to the south. There's an old iron bridge right off the main drag, making for a picturesque start. After leaving the "burbs", you pass through the Main Street Town of Yukon where Garth Brooks lives. This is where the ride really opens up. For 5 miles this 4 lane portion has a running speed of 65 with virtually no traffic. The passing fields and ranches leave you feeling like you're farther from home than you really are. There are some industrial buildings along the way and you know you're close to El Reno when it 2-lanes. The road curves north as the main street town of El Reno begins. Stay the course and pass the mill on the right. You'll be right on the El Reno main drag. Follow the signs to take a left on 66 and stop at Sid's for the best onion burgers in the state. Remember to say "Hey" to Marty, the owner, and check out an old Oklahoma town.

Drive Enjoyment

Straight and open road. No hangover of trees so wear your sunscreen. It's relatively flat (it's Oklahoma, ok?), with no major holes to steer around. One of the best paved roads in OK.

Tourism Opportunities

Aside from Yukon, there's not much between OKC and El Reno. But, as before, this makes you believe you're deeper into the country than you really are. Sid's is definitely the place to stop and downtown El Reno is a nice town to stretch out in along the Rt 66 journey.

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March 8, 2015
160 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport
This road is DISMAL. It's a straight line in city traffic. This isn't a ride, it's a headache in a box. At best, it's an organized biker bar run. No corners, all cagers.... Just not worth the effort. I won't even be video taping this run, as it's THAT level of boring.
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