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By JavaDave (15 McR Points) on Jul 02, 2016

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Written Directions

From US 270 west of Watonga, take Hwy 33 west through Thomas. On the west side of Thomas, take Hwy 47 west until it intersects with Hwy 183. Then north on Hwy 183 back to US 270.


If you're crossing northwest Oklahoma, this route is a welcome diversion from the boredom of US 270 and well worth the detour. On the east-west leg, you'll have good undulating road through river valleys and lush farmland. If you pass through Thomas at meal time, stop at Willie's Grill & Diner for some of the best ribs in the state! Willie is an ex-Florida State football player whose Mamma taught him how to cook. He also makes his own BBQ sauce. I've been known to drive and hour and a half each way just to get his ribs and sauce. The north-south HWY 183 leg has a few gentle curves, but is mostly up and down over some hills and ridges that make it seem like you're on top of the world. You also pass right through a huge windmill farm, with some turbines seeming so close that you could touch them, and others appearing as if they are chopping up the road ahead of you. At the north end intersection with HWY 270, is Gore's truck stop. Don't let the truck stop thing fool you! In the west end of the truck stop is Delizioso Bistro & Coffee Bar. Great coffee, pastries, beer, and more. I've had coffee in Portland, Oregon that wasn't this good! Lots of comfortable seating for a break from your bike seat, separate rooms for groups. Gore's also has other food options including a Sonic for those of you who don't drink coffee. And there's a gift & western store.

Drive Enjoyment

Road is well-maintained 2-lane blacktop. All curves have good sightlines. Watch out for deer, and don't let watching the hawks circling overhead distract you from the road!

Tourism Opportunities

Except for Willie's & Gore's already mentioned, its the typical small-town C-Stores in Thomas & Taloga, with a couple of antique or curio stores in Thomas. There is also a motel in Taloga.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This isn't a route that I would travel across the state for -- although I do go that far for the ribs at Willie's. But if you're riding in NW Oklahoma between Oklahoma City and Woodward, it offers a surprisingly nice side trip. Just to be clear, I have no connection to either Willie's or Gore's other than as a very appreciative customer. If you get to Willies ahead of me and get the last slab of ribs, I will be ticked! :)

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