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By Stalephreak (160 McR Points) on Mar 07, 2015

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Written Directions

To get to the road, I advise going north on Camp Redlands Rd. West on Airport Rd. That takes you right to the beginning of this short, but fun ride. Ride is the road from Airport Rd. to the actual McMurtry park.


I rated the scenery as a 3 because the ride is so short. It's pretty, with trees marking both sides of the road. There's certainly wildlife to see as well, so watch out for deer!

Drive Enjoyment

As you can see from the map, the road has a nice collection of twists & turns. The road is well paved but has absolutely NO paint to mark the lanes. As a result, death by cager is a real possibility, as they WILL take up the whole road trying to drive as quickly as possible. There is one house right before a the large sweeper that may create a gravel hazard from time to time, but it's nothing major to negotiate.

Tourism Opportunities

This is an access road to a recreational lake. No restaurants. No gas station. It's a long walk back to the highway if something goes bad! Lake McMurtry West Recreation Area lies at the end of the route.

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